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For Individuals

Proficiency and greater confidence in Business English leads to personal development and a wider range of career opportunities.

Why do I need to improve my business English?

  • “In six weeks I will be presenting our budget and projections to our international shareholders. I urgently need some guidance with my final presentation!”
    Financial Director
  • “English is very important for my relationship building. I need to feel comfortable chatting in informal environments at work.”
    Business Entrepreneur
  • “I have to train international colleagues in three months time and must improve my fluency and confidence urgently!”
    Aesthetic Surgeon
  • “I’ve been asked to participate in conference calls and need help with my pronunciation!”
  • “With my promotion I’ll be expected to present weekly reports to management and I’m very worried about this!”
    Marketing Director
  • “When I explain our processes I find it difficult to think of the precise vocabulary.”
    Quality Control

The BES solution

Setting your goals

  • We work with you to determine which learning approach will have the most positive and immediate impact on your use of English at work
  • Realistic goals are set within  a defined time frame
  • Training is focused and adapted to your priorities
  • We use real situations and role plays to help develop your key skills
  • You receive  ongoing, constructive feedback to help you improve and correct common errors

The Learning Cycle

  • We work with you to prioritise and set realistic goals
  • Next, we design a practical, dynamic learning programme based on your real work situations
  • Through a cyclical process of practical training and critical feedback you develop the vital tools needed to communicate with ease and confidence
  • In addition you will learn to self-evaluate independently to improve on what you already know

Working together

  • Language training is given at your place of work, or via Skype
  • We can arrange flexible training hours to suit your busy schedule
  • 1-6 participants maximum (up to four recommended per group)
  • Qualified language trainers with practical business experience
  • Our input is your output !