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For Companies

Business English Solutions is committed to working together with our clients to determine which language training solution will have the most positive and immediate impact on their employees. Additionally, we successfully match your employees’ specialised skills with business needs thus contributing to company profitability.

What are my company’s needs?

  • “We’d like to attract high potential staff and need to adapt to the changing culture of our company.”
    HR Director
  • “We are busy expanding and effective language skills are key to our success.”
    Training Manager
  • “My team avoid speaking English at work because they lack confidence and we are missing out on some good international business opportunities.”
    Sales Director
  • “We are relocating some of our employees within the next 6 months and want to offer them language training.”
    HR Manager
  • “Our company has just acquired an overseas business and our staff will be expected to train their international colleagues very soon.”
    Production Director
  • “We need to become more competitive so we have to focus on a broader market.”
    Sales Manager

The BES Solution

The Training Process

  • We help you and your staff set realistic goals within a defined time frame
  • We design a practical, dynamic learning programme based on your priorities
  • Our training is adapted to participant, profession and industry
  • Detailed periodic feedback is provided to individual and management

The Learning Cycle

  • We work with you to prioritise and set realistic goals
  • Next, we design a practical, dynamic learning programme based on real work situations
  • Through a cyclical process of practical training and critical feedback participants develop the vital tools needed to communicate with ease and confidence
  • In addition participants will learn to self-evaluate independently to improve on what is already know

Working together 

  • Language training is given in-house or via Skype
  • We can arrange flexible training hours to suit your employees’ busy schedules
  • 1-6 participants maximum (up to four recommended per group)
  • Qualified language trainers with practical business experience
  • Our input is your output!