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What we do

Language training

We know what skills are required to improve your language performance in the workplace and are dedicated to supporting your immediate language requirements.  Our strength is in dealing with urgent English language skills required for key projects at work.

Short or long-term intensive training for all levels

    • We will design a programme for you based on functional objectives, priorities and budget
    • Private, group, face-to-face or Skype lessons
    • 1-6 participants per group

Skills-based language workshops

An established pillar of our offer, our training workshops focus on improving specific skills in a defined timeframe.

Examples of our workshops include :

Exam preparation 

Some of our clients and employees specifically want to work towards a recognised business or general English qualification.  Such personal employee enhancement is also proven to motivate staff and improve company loyalty. Our exam preparation courses are carefully prepared to ensure success of the participant and can be organised to suit the needs of our clients.

Business English Certificates

BEC Higher
BEC Vantage
BEC Preliminary

French Language Diplomas


Language maintenance

You may feel comfortable to speak English in certain situations. However you know that you can improve and build your speaking confidence on a variety of different levels. Join our relaxed conversation groups where our trainers will give you professional feedback and key pointers on how to improve.

Language consulting

  • We work with you to analyse, define and help you prioritise your needs
  • We propose a language solution to ensure that your immediate goals are met quickly and effectively

Language support

We provide on-line or face-to-face support

For example :

  • A quick check of your urgent emails
  • Proofreading of important documents
  • Role-playing upcoming meetings
  • Working on and fine-tuning presentations etc